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through the lens of gratitude

Like many things, the day that practicing gratitude became a reality in my life was not a day where I set out to make it happen.  Instead, I decided to take a photo at the turn of each hour one day. I did it because I was tired and bored and felt like I would…

here I am

Ever since I found out about blogs, I’ve wanted to have one. I’ve dabbled in blogging for the last ten years. I had one blog for several years that focused on my graphic design, and when I decided to exit that world, I shut it down. I started several more after that, but nothing stuck….

do what you love

Quotes and words have always spurred me on and provided inspiration and hope to me. I consider myself a quote collector, with scraps of paper or handwritten words squirreled away in my memory box to be pulled out when I need them most. This one has been one of my favorites for the last couple of…