About Me

Hey! I’m Sarah and this is my blog. Mae was my grandmother, my creative inspiration, whose life was cut unexpectedly short in a car accident. I think of her every day. A little more about her is here.

Sarah + Mae’s vision is that women who want to step out of the conventional life and have the freedom to pursue their passions would have the resources and inspiration to do so. The main way I like to do that is through personal experience and stories. When I started this blog, I didn’t know what I wanted it to be about, but I do now. Here’s my post about that.

Other than that, I’m a wife of 16 years. I have five kids ranging in age from one to twelve. I have a passion for living and raising up a family in a healthy, non-toxic way. I have a house I can’t stop tweaking, but dream of living in an Airstream. We homeschool our children and love love LOVE the freedom and the close bond that we experience on a daily basis. I fancy myself an artist, my medium changing with my many moods. My personality type is INTP, “the absent-minded professor”. That about sums it up.



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